[LUBIO] Land Use, climate change and biodiversity in cultural landscapes: Assessing feedbacks and promoting land-use strategies towards a viable future

Runtime: 2015 – 2019

Funding: Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)


In LUBIO, we will explore the anticipated systemic feedbacks between (1) climate change, (2) land owner’s decisions on land use, (3) land-use change, and (4) changes in biodiversity patterns during the coming decades in a regional context.


LUBIO uses a regional case study conducted in the Eisenwurzen region to explore the option space for future land use under climate change and to assess both the direct and indirect, land-use meditated effects of a warming climate on plant diversity. Therefore, the consortium of three research groups will design and implement an integrated socio-ecological model, consisting of three principal components: (1) an agent-based model (ABM) that simulates decisions of important actors, (2) a spatially explicit GIS model that translates these decisions into changes in land cover and land use patterns, and (3) a species distribution model that calculates changes in biodiversity patterns following the changes in both climate and land-use decisions as simulated in the ABM.


Stefan Dullinger